Nicole Nodland is an accomplished fashion and editorial photographer. Nicole and Dua Lipa began working together in 2014. She directed the music videos for "New Love" and "Be the One". She shot the covers for "New Love", "Be the One", "Last Dance" and "Hotter Than Hell" cover art. She has done numerous promo shoots for Dua's upcoming album as well.

Shoot #1 (Early-Mid 2014) Edit

Behind the scenes

Shoot #2 (May 5, 2015) Edit

Behind the scenes

Shoot #3 (July 21-22, 2015) Edit

On set for "New Love" music video.

Behind the scenes

Shoot #4 (February 28, 2016) Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Shoot #5 (April 5, 2016) Edit

On set for "Hotter Than Hell" music video.

Shoot #6 (March 16th 2017) Edit

Behind the Scenes
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